Welcome to FIZIS accounting and bookkeeping service

FIZIS Ltd. is small family company that provides accounting and bookkeeping services for companies registered in Croatia.

Our team has gained experience through practice over three decades and has worked with many SMB and SME companies as well as with international corporations.

Our service rage includes:
- regular bookkeeping
- payroll and paid fees calculations, form filling and submission (ID)
- pension fund and health insurance calculation (Regos)
- value added tax calculation, form filling and submission
- FINA annual financial statement form filling and submission
- annual tax on profit calculation, form filling and submission

All of those actions are mandatory by law for every company registered in Croatia and we provide them as outsource services for our clients so they can focus on more important things like managing the business.

For those sky-reaching companies we provide tax advisory and for even better insight of the company's business we provide financial audit. Those service are, off course, optional.

Our reference list includes many high income companies and that is additional guarantee that we take care of clients' needs in timely fashion with lots of care and attention

Please contact us with most confidence for any inquiry!

Zlatko Skirić, Managing Director